Strategic decisions are complex in nature and deal with intrinsic uncertainties. They usually require an integrated approach covering both the internal and the external environment of an organization. They have strong implications on operations and they require significant effort in managing the subsequent changes.

Based on our experience, the ingredients of a successful strategy for an organization are:

  • Establishment of clear and shared objectives for the future
  • Commitment to the long term objectives
  • In depth knowledge of the external environment and the competitive landscape
  • Pragmatic assessment of internal resources, capabilities and competences
  • Existence of an efficient implementation plan agreed by the stakeholders involved.

In M-Prime we help our clients to develop their business level strategy that best fits their own particular circumstances.

To do so, we first drill down to our clients' strategic position. We analyze all aspects of the environment in which they do business and we identify opportunities and threats. We explore the performance of the main players in the field and we use the data and the lessons learnt as a guide for our clients' strategy. The analysis of the internal environment of our clients is also equally important. We analyze existing resources and competences in terms of human capital, financial position, product and services portfolio, tangible and intangible assets, internal processes, expectations and agendas of the stakeholders. This exercise enables us to identify our clients' superior capabilities that can be turned into competitive advantage in the long run.

Leveraging on the outcome of the analysis of our clients' strategic position, we identify the alternative strategic options for our clients. We work side-by-side with executives and together we think through options, refine ideas, assess and manage risk, and ultimately opt for the strategic direction that best fits the business targets.

A significant step in the process of developing a business level strategy for our clients is to turn strategy into action through a pragmatic implementation plan. Complementary to the cautious selection of initiatives, we focus on the prudent allocation of the available resources to achieve the selected strategy. Again working in partnership with the client drives the development of our recommendations.

We believe that the most significant advantage for the strategic direction of a company is to be customized to its own particular circumstances. They are no recipes that guarantee success. Previous accomplishments should only be used to inspire and not to be copied. In this journey, what differentiates us is that we understand things from a broader perspective, due to our extended exposure to diversified business environments and multiple cultures, and we are committed to developing tailor-made solutions. Our clients are unique, like the solutions they deserve.