Delivery insights

Designing a transport status updates system for a megacity to empower the millions of city commuters

Client Situation

Staying at the forefront of innovation, our client intends to launch a system for transport status updates. This system will provide real time status and the planned service changes of transport systems in a major metropolis. When such a system goes live, it will:

  • enable citizens and visitors to make informed decisions concerning route, time and transport mode
  • enhance mobility experience and boost public transport use and multimodal transport
  • reduce time spent in commuting through improved predictability of travel times
  • increase transparency among transport stakeholders, enhancing performance and fostering mobility integration

M-Prime was tasked with the design of such an inclusive system of transport status updates.

The way to problem solving

For the under development system for transport status updates, M-Prime:

  • defined in detail the front/back-end system design and content
  • specified the user interface functions and system use cases for all types of users
  • conducted an analysis on the availability of information per system requirement (content) and per transport mode
  • standardised the terminology and messages to be used in the system for all public transport modes
  • proposed possible communication channels for system implementation
  • designed the time plan and the organisation of the project delivery team.

Our team designed a powerful and innovative interface that will share invaluable information with the city commuters.

The system design caters for two components: a) the front-end to be accessed by the end users and b) the back-end, which enables the system administrators to feed manual information.

The front-end component includes:

  • a high-level view of the real time status of city public transport and traffic operations
  • individual status updates pages for public transport modes and traffic, with detailed information on current status, incidents and planned service changes.

M-Prime’s work for the system of transport status updates of a megacity provides a strong foundation that will guide the technical development of the system.