Supply Chain Excellence Assessment Scheme

Managing supply chains has never been more challenging…

How well does your business address these challenges?
  • Do you know your strengths or areas in need of improvement in your supply chain?
  • How does your supply chain adapt to changing market conditions?
  • How effectively do you work with your suppliers?
  • How do you manage demand?
  • How do you achieve lean excellence?
  • How do your customers assess your supply chain performance?
  • …?

Challenges of modern Supply Chain
  • Complexity: Suppliers, plants, warehouses, partners distributed nationally and globally
  • Transport innovation affects supply chain footprints
  • Lean inventories, lean transport, lean distribution
  • Responsiveness demands 100% on-time delivery and robust risk mitigation
  • Global demand is more and more volatile and uncertain
  • Visibility and collaboration across the value chain are key imperatives
  • Global/ Strategic sourcing is a lever for profitability
  • Sustainability across the supply chain is a customer requirement

Our SCMe-xcellence Assessment Scheme (SCMeAS) offers an objective performance assessment of your supply chain and supports you in pursuing strategic, tactical and operational excellence


SCMeAS is designed to perform an in depth scan of your supply chain strategy, organisation and operations, assess and quantify related performance, highlight gaps and identify improvement opportunities.

The assessment process is designed to streamline time and effort required by your company resources, whilst producing an insightful, objective and accurate assessment.

SCMeAS enables organisations to…

assess SC performance
from various perspectives

compile critical SC key
performance indicators

highlight competitive

identify performance gaps and improvement opportunities

focus on potential threats

compare against best

identify quick wins and improvement areas

SCMeAS helps you to answer critical questions, including...
  • Does my supply chain achieve the set strategic objectives?
  • How effective is my demand foresting?
  • How effectively do we work with our suppliers?
  • How integrated is my SC, internally across functions and externally with suppliers and customers?
  • How responsible is my supply chain?
  • How responsive is my SC operation?
  • How my supply chain compares with best practices?


SCMeAS in numbers








SCMeAS leverages a three-dimensional performance architecture …

We have more than 500 quantitative and qualitative questions to understand:

    Dimension 1: Managerial priorities:   What is the level of alignment of your SC operations with your strategy? e.g. How much lean, responsible, intelligent is your SC?
    Dimension 2: SC functions:   How successful are the critical functions across your value chain? e.g. production, transportation, procurement?
    Dimension 3: Business aspects:   How well organised are the key aspects of your SC? e.g. your SC organisation, operations, technology?

… and provides the results through an interactive visual dashboard


You can sample SCMeAS by reviewing the demand forecasting inquiries


Want to learn more on how SCMeAS can help your organisation?