Delivery insights

Estimating vehicle traffic and analyzing flows in a sports complex

Client Situation

According to the venue footprint of a winter multi-sport event, one major sports complex is located by the coastal zone and includes major competition venues and several non competition venues, such as the media broadcasting facility, the Athletes village, the hotel of the VIPs and other hotels, as well as a key bus depot.

Given the size of the sports complex, the client anticipated that parts of the road network would experience increased vehicle and pedestrian flows.

Our client wanted to have a better understanding of the peak pedestrian and vehicle demand for the various client groups in specific road segments and to timely identify and address any issues that would impede the pedestrian and vehicle flows in the road network of interest.

The way to problem solving

The first step was to estimate vehicle traffic. For this reason, we established a network of nodes and arcs to map the road network of interest.

For each arc of this network, we determined the vehicle flow intensity using i) the routes of the various client groups and ii) the corresponding flow intensities based on the estimated demand.

We also estimated the pedestrian circulation along the road network of interest considering pedestrian movements between public transport hubs and various competition and non competition venues per time of day and for each day of the event.

Based on the estimated vehicle traffic, we analyzed the demand vs. capacity of the relevant network, identified bottlenecks, and proposed measures to address them.


Our analysis led to the following key outputs:

  • Calculated vehicle traffic in the road segments of interest for peak bump in, bump out and crossover
  • Compared peak demand vs road capacity based on international standards
  • Confirmed that there is adequate capacity for vehicle circulation in the road network of interest in most cases
  • Suggested the construction of slip lanes in the entrances / exits of the various venues of the sports complex
  • Deigned the managed pedestrian crossings along the road network
  • Recommended the establishment of a cycling track in parts of the road network.