Service offerings in sustainable mobility planning

Sustainable mobility strategies and business plans

Chart sustainable city mobility strategies

M-Prime may support your city in drafting/updating its mobility strategy, so as to address population growth, economic development and urban sprawl, while reducing the negative impact on climate change. After the review of your city’s urban planning priorities and with the support of all relevant stakeholders, we will develop a shared vision for the city’s mobility. We will also agree shared strategic objectives for all mobility aspects, including for public transport, traffic congestion, walking and cycling, sustainability, inclusiveness, intelligence and disruptive technologies. We will synthesise the long list of infrastructure investments and interventions that will enable the achievement of the strategic objectives in the time horizon of the strategic plan. We will support all strategic modeling efforts that will test and validate the impact of the proposed interventions on the city’s mobility. Depending on the environment, we may support the public consultation process.

Prepare feasibility studies for transport projects

In M-Prime we clearly understand that investment decisions can only be based on objective and traceable methods. Depending on the client needs and after we identify the factors that affect the demand for the project under discussion and prepare the related models, M-Prime may develop the alternative design options in terms of modes, routes, alignment, interchanges and other. The next step is the financial analysis, that gives an overview of the financial flows of investment, the operating costs and the revenues over the lifetime of the project. We then proceed with the economic analysis in order to quantify the returns of the project with respect to travel time savings, vehicle operating costs savings, accident savings, reduction of air pollution, noise and greenhouse emissions. In all our works, we perform sensitivity analysis to help the client understand better all the risks associated with the investment.

Develop business plans for transport services

In M-Prime, we know how to develop a successful business plan that fits for purpose by reflecting management’s aspirations for growth, identifying challenges and trends, using performance measures, assessing the financial impact and setting the way forward. Our work includes market analysis (driving forces, competition, opportunities and threats), as well as analysis of the business internal organisation. We set the business priorities and associated performance measures. The evaluation of the financial impact of the business priorities and the identification of financing needs form a key part of our services. Our financial analysis covers both capital and operational budgets. We always include risk analysis and a detailed implementation roadmap to support our clients in achieving the goals of the business plans and make decisions based on measurable impact.

Support marketing and communication for transport services

M-Prime may develop customized marketing strategies for transport providers to enable them achieving their ridership goals and their financial targets. Proposed pricing policies may include models, such as distance based fare, time based fare, zone based fare or a combination of them. Our work may affect passenger demand through incentives for frequent riders, discount cards, mobility cards with validity in other systems and operations. Our recommendations expand to revenues from other sources, including retail space in stations, advertising on buses and along the corridors, right of way space and parking. M-Prime may also support its clients in charting their communication strategies for building and sustaining a positive image about transport operations and investments among users and other stakeholders.

Design a performance management system to match strategic priorities

It really matters to monitor transport performance. Using representative and measurable Key Performance Indicators, makes it possible for managers to take informed decisions and to focus their attention to critical strategic and operational issues. M-Prime is best equipped to propose Key Performance Indicators that cover all aspects of transport operations in a balanced way and reflect the priorities of the different organisational levels within the company. We may support our clients in setting quantified targets. For each of the indicators, we will define the method to calculate the indicator and design the corresponding fact sheet. We will also design and support the implementation of the reporting system for the Key Performance Indicators in a way to ensure that it keeps the system up and running within our clients organisations.

Develop the transport solution for cities that intend to host major events

We collaborate closely with the key transport stakeholders to synthesize a robust transport solution. To do so, we analyse in depth a series of studies and data to assess the current transport situation, as well as the long term city plans. Based strictly on these plans we achieve buy in for any necessary reprioritisation of critical transport investments with top government officials. We designate the road and public transport networks that will best serve the transport needs of the event, always leveraging public transport systems and guaranteeing minimum disruption for routine city operations. Using our sophisticated models, we estimate travel times between various origins and destinations, as well as spectator and workforce demand generated by the event. We develop and size the mix of transport services to ensure appropriate service levels for the specific event needs. We may also develop the transport budget and propose the transport governance model that best fits the local conditions and the event requirements. Often times, following our interactions, our clients change the way they think about transport in their cities.

Chart the transport strategy for Host Cities

We help our clients set the vision, aspirations, strategies, initiatives and programmes that guide their transport planning and delivery, when nominated as Host Cities for events. We develop transport strategic plans that successfully address all city and event challenges, whether related to traffic or public transport or even to governance issues. Appropriate balance of expectations and needs of all stakeholders is integrated into our plans. The most recent developments in transport planning, such as travel demand management initiatives, accessibility and sustainability, advanced traffic management (empowered by ITMS), disruptive technologies, are embedded in our solutions. We also establish the foundation for efficient, timely and on budget implementation of transport strategic plans by designing the complete delivery roadmap.

Governance, organisation and stakeholder engagement

Develop governance, organization and processes for complex operations

We develop robust governance schemes taking into account the local circumstances, following a detailed mapping of stakeholders. We ensure that roles and responsibilities are clear and shared, while interfaces are identified and addressed. We build functional organisational structures with the appropriate staff for the size and intensity of operations. We design processes that make our clients work effectively, that drive and support staff in their tasks. Our work ensures process simplicity and clarity and establishment of consistent measures to evaluate performance.

Design command and coordination centres

M-Prime is best positioned to support you in the design of centres that provide command, control and coordination (C3) of operations. Using our unique experience from previous significant assignments, we will first start with the definition of the scope of command and coordination activities and with mapping the environment and related roles. Taking into account the specific client circumstances, we will set the mission and objectives of the command and coordination centre. We will then proceed with the development of the concept and model of operations, covering all aspects, such as organisation, technology, facility layout, staffing plan and shift patterns, processes and reporting scheme.

Develop contingency plans

We may develop the full suite of contingency plans to be used as a management tool in order to timely and effectively address the impact of transport and traffic related incidents. We first develop a long list of possible transport incidents that may take place in the course of everyday activities. Incidents are grouped into broader categories based on common characteristics, such as the location affected. We then assess criticality of incidents and prioritise with respect to their likelihood of occurrence and severity of impact. According to our prioritisation ranking, we develop contingency plans for the most critical incidents using well tested methods.

Test your operational readiness

We are best equipped to chart your testing strategy to review the suitability of operational plans and fine tune, as needed. We will define the testing methodologies, the types of tests to implement, the detailed testing plan, as well as the evaluation process for the related exercises. We may also support the detailed design and delivery of tests to ensure a robust script, thorough review of interfaces, training of participants, stakeholder engagement in the process and systematic analysis of feedback.

Mobilise transport teams – create quick wins

We develop the change management strategy to support the transformation of your organisation from a planning into a delivery entity. Our services guarantee the appropriate identification of change agents, executive sponsorship and participation, quick wins and continuity. We support the formation of delivery teams that will set up operations in facilities, plan their activities and participate in team empowerment initiatives.

Operational planning and facilities design

Design transport facilities that cope with high passenger volumes

M-Prime has extended experience in designing public transport hubs, bus malls, Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) interchanges, parking, pedestrian and cycling facilities with high passenger traffic. Typically, the starting point of our work is to estimate the demand per day and time of day. Our sophisticated models leverage on our experience and our results are supported by sensitivity analysis. Using the demand estimates and expected peaks, we proceed with detailed facility design, including requirements in load zones, size of platforms and pedestrian paths, pedestrian and vehicle circulation and related flow intensities, pedestrian overpasses, security and parking areas. All results are documented in comprehensive drawings and may be tested using microsimulation.

Design of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) systems

M-Prime has experienced the efficiency, comfort and increased service levels provided by the most significant BRT systems around the world. Leveraging our network of experts, we may provide highly specialised support across all aspects of BRT systems design, planning and implementation, including feasibility studies, design of BRT corridors (dedicated, shared, hybrid or grade separated), design of stations (passing or no passing lanes, grade separated or at-grade pedestrian crossings, etc), selection of vehicles, route development and service plans, BRT operation and management (including control centre operations and ICT) and last mile access planning. Having witnessed multiple times the benefits of well designed BRT networks for passenger experience, city traffic and urban regeneration, our services will enable our clients to build operational, sustainable and financially responsible BRT systems.

Plan bus and car fleet operations for special transport systems

Planning for special transport systems lies at the core of M-Prime’s competences. Based on client requirements and agreed service levels, we may support you in determining routes, developing networks and estimating travel times. Especially for bus services, we will develop the required bus timetables. Using our advanced models, we will help you estimate the required resources (vehicles, drivers) to meet service levels; this applies to both bus and car fleet systems. We will then proceed with developing the depot strategy and with depot operational planning according to the selected procurement model (in house vs outsourced vs hybrid). Our services expand also to the development of technology requirements for the special transport systems, design of related facilities (hubs, malls, holding areas, call centre) and operational planning.

Develop customised transport and traffic plans for facilities and venues

Leveraging our significant experience on facility and venue operations, we develop plans that support smooth operations from a transport and traffic perspective. A key consideration will be to design access routes for all types of clients integrating the facility with the surrounding public transport and traffic networks. All types of transport will be taken into account, including the use of pedestrian and cycling paths. We will also design load zones and parking areas as well as all associated flows, minimising any cross flow risks. We will determine and size the required security screening areas for facilities and venues based on the expected loads. Our services will include recommendations for special traffic and parking measures to ensure convenient access for clients with minimum impact to local communities, as well as the associated signage plans.

Improve operations in critical areas using simulation tools

M-Prime may help you refine operations in critical areas, such as security screening areas, pedestrian paths, platforms and escalators, using simulation techniques. We first estimate the expected vehicle or passenger loads over a period of time in the area under discussion, and then we implement and run scenarios to identify and resolve any bottlenecks. For such cases, we will provide you with our improvement recommendations and alternative plans to guarantee service levels and client safety.

Expert reviews

Assess your transport performance and readiness

Given our intimate understanding of transport requirements, we are best equipped to review your transport infrastructure, systems and services and evaluate your performance and readiness in view of specific milestones and managerial priorities. We may analyse existing and planned transport infrastructure, traffic management capabilities, public transport systems and service levels provided, associated roles and responsibilities. Depending of the nature of the assignment, we may also develop a series of recommendations to all involved stakeholders providing guidance for transport master planning, opportunities to adopt mobility disruptive technologies, sources of finance, and improvements in allocation of responsibilities. The legacy factor is of paramount importance in our proposals.