Delivery insights

Design of sales efforts and support in forming partnerships in the e-mobility market

Client Situation

Our client, a key utility in the country, aimed at assuming the leading position in the evolving e-mobility market and developing the most extended network of public charging points for electric vehicles. To do so, it was necessary to organise the sales department, develop sales support material and design the way to approach key players of multiple business sectors, including retailers, shopping malls, supermarkets, car dealers and municipalities, in order to form partnerships

Under this context, M-Prime was asked to support the client in its sales and partnership efforts by developing organisation, methods, processes and tools that would eventually allow the client to assess attractiveness of proposed investments, approach potential clients and partners and expand its network of public charging points.

The way to problem solving

To meet the purpose of our assignment, M-Prime’s work was three-fold.

Initially, we developed the organization chart for the Partnerships and Sales Department of our client, along with staffing and job descriptions. We also developed detailed processes for the entire sales lifecycle, capturing roles and responsibilities in a systematic way.

Secondly, we developed the material (presentations) to support interactions with potential partners, giving a fresh and modern look that aligns with the vibes of e-mobility. The presales material is modular and, thus, easily customized to the context of a specific partner.

Finally, we designed a method to assess attractiveness of locations of partners that are candidate for charging point installation, considering parameters, such as size and access of parking facilities, traffic data, competition, type of business, proximity to activity areas and seasonality. Then, we developed a tool that uses the above estimated attractiveness level of locations, along with other inputs, such as the duration of the partnership, investment and operational costs, pricing, number and type of charging points per location and expected deployment plan in order to estimate the profitability of the partnership.


M-Prime has supported numerous interactions and negotiations with potential partners by developing customized content of presentations and assessing the business potential of partnerships.

Leveraging this support, our client has already formed multiple partnerships with businesses and municipalities that enabled them to achieve leadership in the network of public charging points of the country.

The services provided include not only installation of charging points, but also operations and maintenance, along with a sophisticated platform of e-mobility services, offered through a best-of-breed app.