Service offerings in supply chain transformation

Transforming strategic aspects of your supply chain

Optimise your supply chain network

We target to optimize your existing supply chain, and possible new extensions, in order to maximize responsiveness and service levels, minimise investment and operational costs, and maximize sustainability. Our analysis includes key suppliers, production facilities (and their capacity), production subcontractors, distribution centres, cross-docking locations, transport modes. We may also simulate network operations to test operating scenarios and refine the nominal design.

Identify and assess outsourcing needs (3PL, 4PL)

We develop a robust, efficient long term outsourcing strategy. We specify outsourcing propositions, specifications and the performance management system necessary to manage outsourcing operations. We identify and evaluate value adding outsourcing options, supporting the selection of the most suitable partner(s). We provide support to contractual arrangements and continuous improvement initiatives.

Strategically position your sourcing capabilities

We design a coherent and collaborative framework to review and improve the sourcing strategy of your company for selected spend categories, expand the supplier database, negotiate, assess and select the preferred supplier(s) and create lasting partnerships.

Reduce carbon footprint in transport and logistics

We assess your current carbon footprint using international standards and methodologies, and identify improvements in transport modes, technology used, network design, fuels and warehouse activities to achieve both CO2 and cost reductions. Our analysis extends to include any outsourced logistics operations and sustainability requirements in supplier selection.

Chart your intermodal transport strategy leveraging innovation

We first analyse your current transportation mix and costs. We then develop a multimodal transportation strategy to take advantage of less costly and more sustainable transport modes (typically rail and sea), customised to the environment of your business. For the selected transport modes, we develop the business case and the roadmap for the implementation of the modal switch strategy.

Tackling organizational challenges of your supply chain

Transform your forecasting process

We will review your current forecasting processes and systems, identify and analyse opportunities with customers/suppliers, and transform the process taking into account new channels of information and new analytics capabilities.

Transform your procurement function

Taking into account the business strategy and using feedback from stakeholders, we address key challenges, such as the type of organisational model to be implemented (local vs centralized vs hybrid vs outsourced). We also design the processes leveraging the technology available to support the selected organisational model, as well as the path to achieve the new procurement model in a smooth transition.

Manage your procurement performance

We design the procurement performance management system, considering all critical business perspectives (financial, internal business processes, customer, supplier). The system will measure and monitor the contribution of procurement in cost savings, internal customer service and in overall company objectives.

Evaluate and transform your production processes

We evaluate and transform critical production planning and shop floor management/control processes. We may focus on your MPS, MRP (I&II) and CRP systems to allow for improved planning of material requirements, maximisation of responsiveness and optimisation of plant capacity. We may also transform your production scheduling to reduce queuing and production costs.

Streamlining supply chain operations

Design / optimise your warehousing and distribution facilities

Having analysed historical warehousing data, processes and systems, as well as forecasted inventory requirements, we design/optimise your warehousing and distribution facilities, including warehouse (and yard) layout, storage and material handling systems. We simulate operations to test various scenarios and refine nominal design. We develop specifications for ICT systems to support warehouse operations, and we may support you in the selection of the most appropriate one.

Strengthen your forecasting analytics

We help you improve your forecast accuracy by leveraging the appropriate data, identifying opportunities in demand hierarchy and classification, and utilising the combination of qualitative and quantitative techniques that best fits your business. We fine tune the forecasts using sensitivity analysis for possible sales scenarios. We also help you introduce a continuous feedback system to monitor and optimise forecast accuracy.

Analyse your spending and set cost saving targets

We analyse your spending data, rationalise your spending categories, identify saving opportunities, set measureable saving targets per sourcing category, and plan the waves of implementation. Through our targeted approach we support you to realise cost savings between 5 – 15% (for selected categories), rationalise spending categories, enhance spend visibility, while leveraging on a standardised spend analysis at a corporate level.

Analyse and improve your production database

We analyse and improve key aspects of your production database, i.e. items, BOMs, routings, work centers. Immediate benefits for your company include solidification of your manufacturing knowledge base, optimised use of your ERP, and enhanced production flexibility.

Lean manufacturing

We may help you in identifying and eliminating waste in your production process. Our lean manufacturing techniques lead to setup reduction, cellular manufacturing, employee empowerment, reject and rework elimination through SPC, DOE, and to load balancing.

Excel in inventory management, minimising costs, and maximising customer service

M-Prime may help you understand customer, company and supplier dynamics and leverage this knowledge for inventory efficiency, and improved demand satisfaction. We determine the root causes of inventory built up (such as forecasting issues, lead time variability, packing issues (break pack opportunities), merchandizing requirements, promotions, inventory accuracy especially at retail stores), and identify relevant opportunities and targets. Our improvement initiatives span from implementing sophisticated methods to set safety stock and order size to improving replenishment policies and integrating inventory management and ordering processes.

Optimise your distribution network and improve your routing capabilities

We analyse your last mile distribution network, and define current service performance, costs, and related gaps. We use network optimisation tools and identify improvement opportunities, such as the use of consolidation centres. We set measurable objectives to justify our proposals. We re-engineer loading, routing and fleet management processes. We develop specifications for loading and route planning optimisation solutions. We support the change management process until the transition to the optimised distribution network.