Delivery insights

Supporting the development of a special coordination structure

Client Situation

Our client was a special entity created to deliver the transport plan for the most recognised summer multi-sport event.

In addition to the coordination of the delivery of transport infrastructure, our client was responsible for the design of the exclusive road network, spectator transport planning and transport coordination during the event.

In view of its preparations for operations during the event, our client asked us to support the design of its transport coordination structure, through the design and delivery of a series of focused sessions.

The way to problem solving

In the context of the assignment we designed, organised and delivered four significant workshops that involved the participation of the top transport managers of our client.

As a starting point for the design of the workshops, we conducted a series of pre session meetings with key stakeholders to jointly identify focus areas.

We then developed the required material to facilitate the focused discussions of the session participants, including sample event time processes, possible event time incidents, incoming and outgoing reports and action plans.

During the sessions, we facilitated the discussion and we guaranteed active participation.

Finally, we developed post-session reports to capture outcomes in an organised manner and propose improvements.


Through the targeted workshops we achieved the following:

  • Supported our client in the development of its event time concept of operations
  • Established a common understanding of the event time roles, activities and main interfaces
  • Contributed in the development of the event time organisational chart, job descriptions and operational processes
  • Clarified the reporting system for the transport coordination structure
  • Achieved consensus on client involvement in incident management
  • Established the testing requirements
  • Enhanced the team capabilities.