Delivery insights

Developing robust transport plans for two mountain competition venues

Client Situation

The organisers of the most recognised winter multi-sport event needed to address the operational challenges of transferring spectators, workforce and Games Family clients to two mountain competition venues that were sharing resources, a 3-lane mountain road and a cable car. The two competition venues were located in close proximity and they had limited parking areas.

The mountain road network was not appropriate for large bus circulation, while a series of structures, such as the wax cabins, were further limiting the availability of parking spaces close to the entry points of the clients.

Our client asked us to design all transport parameters of these two venues in order to guarantee unimpeded access, traffic and parking for all clients. This work would serve also as a roadmap (model) for the remaining venue transport plans.

The way to problem solving

To deliver the assignment, we first established the transport service levels that would be provided to spectators, workforce and the Games Family based on the requirements of the event governing body and experience from previous organisations.

Based on our venue transport planning methodology, we allocated parking areas to client groups according to the available areas and related requirements.

We also identified locations and size of load zones for all client groups in order to satisfy peaks. Our work also covered the location and sizing of vehicle and pedestrian screening areas.

Then, we designed vehicle and pedestrian flows connecting parking areas with load zones and client entry points and we developed the detailed signage plans.

Venue transport planning for the two mountain competition venues was completed with the development of essential operational elements, such as transport organization, staffing plans, job descriptions, processes, technology and equipment.


The most significant outcomes of our detailed study are summarized below:

  • Allocated to various client groups about 600 parking spaces in one venue and 250 spaces in the other
  • Combined resources between the two competition venues in selected cases
  • Designed the load zones for spectators in both venues taking into account the space limitations
  • Positioned the load zones for Games Family clients as close as possible to the respective entry points
  • Fully separated vehicle and pedestrian flows of spectators and Games Family
  • Developed 19 operational processes for the load zone and parking operations in venues

More importantly, our venue transport planning principles and methodology has been conveyed to our client team through a series of targeted workshops and equipped them with all the required knowledge and methods in order to develop the venue transport plans of the remaining venues.