Delivery insights

Developing the first annual transport report of a major metropolitan city

Client Situation

Our client, as the ultimate authority responsible for transport and traffic in one of the world's most populous metropolis, intended to issue a report on an annual basis in order to:

  • showcase performance of transport and traffic operations to citizens and other interested parties
  • highlight achievements in accessibility and sustainability
  • describe the strategy, past projects and plans of transport related departments and transport operators
  • capture and map all ongoing and planned transport infrastructure investments up to 2023.

Such a report aligns with the best practices of peer organisations around the world.

Our client asked us to develop the first annual transport report for the major metropolis.

The way to problem solving

To develop the transport annual report for the city, we followed a methodology that focused on highlighting the vision and objectives, performance, and future plans related to transportation in the city. The methodology was based on the deep understanding of the city's transport systems, infrastructure, and transport stakeholders.

In the initial stages of the project, we analysed annual reports of peer organisations in mobility and captured the best practices. The next step was to determine the scope, audience and structure of the first annual transport report. Specifically, the scope and audience were identified in close interactions with the client to achieve the targeted objectives of the annual report.

Based on our analysis of the city's mobility components, we developed a set of Key Performance Indicators, not just for the transport systems but also for physical infrastructure and aspects of accessibility, sustainability, and inclusiveness.

We followed with the development of customized questionnaires requesting operational data, performance indicators, facts and future plans from more than 20 stakeholders, spanning from the client’s internal units responsible for rail projects, traffic operations and accessibility to the operators of bus, metro and rail.

We validated all stakeholder’s feedback, developed the text of the report, tables and figures, selected photos and supported the report production.


We developed the first annual transport report of the metropolis as per the agreed time plan. The report of more than 150 pages was released after all involved stakeholders had reviewed and approved its content.

Thanks to the report, we managed to:

  • define key performance indicators for monitoring internal departments, transport operators and other affiliate companies of the client
  • standardise key information and achievements to be collected on a yearly basis from all stakeholders
  • review key data and status for transport infrastructure projects to be implemented up to 2023 in the city
  • prepare user friendly maps that can also be used for other publications of the client.