Delivery insights

Enhancing the transport strategy for a major multi sport event

Client Situation

Our client, a nominated Host City of a major multi sport event, had just developed its transport strategic plan. Before entering into a consultation process with all stakeholders and the public, the Organizing Committee and the City Authorities wanted to validate its strategic directions and plan content through an independent assessment.

The way to problem solving

Our services included off-site and on-site preparations and the delivery of a three day workshop. We analyzed the current strategy and supporting material provided by our client, we visited key city transport facilities, systems, and sites, and we interviewed the stakeholders of the City's transport environment, including city planners, public transport providers, traffic network managers and Police Authorities.

In the course of the three day workshop, we presented event specific demand profiles and requirements in resources, suggested transport service levels for all client groups, presented benchmarks from previous events, alternative governance and organization models, and insights into operations design. In parallel, we provided our feedback to the client regarding areas of improvement of their transport strategy, as well as strengths of the city proposals to build upon. Our recommendations included topics, such as:

  • The requirement for allocation of clear and agreed roles and responsibilities between the Organizing Committee and its delivery and transport partners
  • The need for additional transport infrastructure projects (extension of busways, station upgrades, etc) that will leave a lasting legacy to the city
  • The formalization of a series of forums in order to ensure the unimpeded collaboration between the stakeholders, as well as alignment of plans and decisions
  • The need for improved classification of client groups and for further elaborating the delivery options for transport services per client group.
    • In the culmination of the workshop, we helped our client design the way forward in planning and delivering transport for the event. All major activities, interdependencies, milestones and risks per key area were highlighted.


      Our client initiated the consultation process on a revised transport strategic plan, incorporating most of our recommendations. The revised transport strategic plan provided a firm foundation for developing the upcoming transport concepts of operations.