Delivery insights

Designing and testing a control and coordination centre of transport operations

Client Situation

In view of its preparations for launch of operations, our client asked us to support the development of a Transport Centre in order to:

  • Manage transport services in the area of responsibility
  • Ensure the delivery of agreed service levels
  • Lead the resolution of transport-related issues and incidents
  • Collect and share critical transport information with stakeholders.

The way to problem solving

The starting point of our approach was to develop the Centre's mission, objectives and major activities taking into account the distinct and complementary roles of the various transport stakeholders in the city. Furthermore, we designed the Centre's organizational structure and developed the relevant job descriptions, as well as the staffing plan.

Subsequently, we proposed the optimal Centre's layout and defined the technology and system requirements in order to receive the appropriate information from the field of operations and other control centers.

We then designed the Centre's business processes and the related management tools that provided an overview of the planned daily transport activities and of the status of transport operations.

We also developed a robust, user friendly, and all inclusive formal reporting scheme for transport operations, including a Status Report to capture the status and the forward look of transport operations, as well as the detailed reports from field of operations including performance indicators.

Finally, we developed contingency plans to be activated by the Centre in the event of incidents affecting transport and traffic operations in the city.


Our work resulted in the development of the Centre's concept and model of Operations, as well as contingency plans that embrace activities of all transport stakeholders. Upon completion of the Centre's detailed operational design, we also planned and supported the delivery of the Centre's first testing exercise that enhanced team confidence of all stakeholders in the design.

The Centre operated successfully since the first operational day overseeing transport operations, resolving issues and sharing information with stakeholders.